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I know, I know … every great-grandparent, grandparent, parent, believes his child is the best child at everything … and we have this grandiose idea that someday they’ll achieve success at whatever they set to accomplish … and better than anyone else.

Well, it is true … our children are the best at whatever they do at their young age,
they are fearless,
they are loving,
they are generous,
they are creative and resourceful, etc …
no-one is better at what a child can do.

However, lets keep one thing straight … your child is just as good as mine, and many others … neither one is better than the other one … each one has it’s own especial and unequal talents …

In order for the¬†hopes for our children come to fruition, it’s most imperative the role we play … to help them explore life so they can find their nature, their identity. We need to guide them through a maze of challenges where hopefully they’ll find their adventure; so they can fully become, and be passionately alive when they grow up.

That said, lets help them keep their innate sense for cooperation with each other rather than competition … only then, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of a better community, a better nation, a better world … and ultimately the gratification to have contributed to the making of a GREAT human being …

And if you ask me again, yes my great-grandchild will be a future olympian … at least in my heart.

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