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I know, I know … every great-grandparent, grandparent, parent, believes his child is the best child at everything … and we have this grandiose idea that someday they’ll achieve success at whatever they set to accomplish … and better than anyone else.

Well, it is true … our children are the best at whatever they do at their young age,
they are fearless,
they are loving,
they are generous,
they are creative and resourceful, etc …
no-one is better at what a child can do.

However, lets keep one thing straight … your child is just as good as mine, and many others … neither one is better than the other one … each one has it’s own especial and unequal talents …

In order for the hopes for our children come to fruition, it’s most imperative the role we play … to help them explore life so they can find their nature, their identity. We need to guide them through a maze of challenges where hopefully they’ll find their adventure; so they can fully become, and be passionately alive when they grow up.

That said, lets help them keep their innate sense for cooperation with each other rather than competition … only then, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of a better community, a better nation, a better world … and ultimately the gratification to have contributed to the making of a GREAT human being …

And if you ask me again, yes my great-grandchild will be a future olympian … at least in my heart.


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While reading Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth, I came across this quote that stopped me death on my tracks ‘ Marriage is not a simple love affair, it’s an ordeal, and the ordeal is the sacrifice of Ego to a relationship in which two have become one.’

Although I have contemplated many times the significance on being in a relationship, this is the first time stated in such bold and simple way. It forced me to confront the significance that my Ego interprets it, and plays in every relationship I’m engaged with … with my family, children, grandchildren, friends, acquaintances, and humans in general … even do there are differences between the relationships to a mate, to a friend, to a grandchildren; they all require a certain death of the Ego. A certain death that it’s absolutely necessary for the relationship’s health and longevity.

Many may have encountered this pearl of wisdom already, however, for this Peruano, it comes at a moment most in need for his spiritual’s growth and identity … the conscious act of sacrificing a layer of Ego with every encounter; and hopefully, its permanent separation and death will allow me to relate better.