So what is this all about….?

Every since I moved to the USA, I have returned to my native country of Perú. Most of us immigrants return to our homeland for short visits, to reconnect with our culture, families, traditions, or to experience what we have left behind and sometimes long for.

In my case, I’m one of the fortunate ones who have returned almost annually since I first left in 1972. My adventurous spirit took the opportunity to leave when it was presented, and dressed up, as an academic exchange program while attending the University in Lima, the capital of Peru. Two years later I found myself living in northern California, married, and starting a family.

To this date, is unexplainable to me how it all happened, it seems very surreal. The best explanation I have is that throughout my life I have been presented with gates/doors/paths/signs; although oblivious to their significance I have been able to navigate them freely and without concern. Let’s say I have been guided by a force that pointed to the path that will eventually take me to my final destination.

Over the years, I’ve met many people of all walks of life in both worlds. We have shared stories; they have taught me to appreciate the color pallet of humanity. We all start with a blank canvas and proceed to dabble at it; some cautiously and others with frenetic energy. We hold the brushes and our hearts guide the strokes with the hope that eventually will shape it into a masterpiece.

The closer I listen to my heart, the more creative and confident the strokes.  Even though I experience distractions in life like anybody else, I willingly continue my pilgrimage each year to tap into the pallet that colors each one who I encounter.

This is the reason why this photo blog has been initiated; to get me closer to my masterpiece.  This blog is about my continuous journey and discoveries.

CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: To everyone that I have encountered and will continue to meet. I’m able to travel this path because of our heart connection. You nurture my being even if you think it is a casual encounter.  I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for you.