Message from within

I attended a visual conference in the Sacred Valley of the Incas regarding “The 2012 prophesies according to Andean Culture.” It was led by Delfor Wank’aymura Layme, Chaski from the Wasa Pukyucomunity de Salta, Qollasuyo (Argentina)

For me to attempt to share, with just a few sentences would be impossible, the valuable knowledge and wisdom he shared. According to Andean science in cosmology, every 40 years there is an alignment that promotes a period for something very special to manifest. 2012 is for “Transcending Time-Space.” It’s for the individuals who are conscious of it, and it will be fertile ground to achieve it for the ones who are seeking this wisdom.

For 500 years the Andean knowledge and wisdom has been denied, their sacred science labeled as pagan, their technological advances destroyed, and the ones that survived are contested as idolatry. He also said “history was written by the invader brother.” On the other hand, his message also concurred with the common plight of most native, indigenous, and aborigines’ nations on earth. It’s a hard truth to accept, unless I choose to continue to ignore it.

He was asked about how to gain this knowledge and wisdom. Again he spoke in geometrical terms of earth, and cosmos alignments translated and reflected into our human geography and centers, also known as ‘chacras’ by so many. He said it is a process that starts within us, and passes through these centers. The middle chacra is the one that holds negative energy and fears. Once we cross successfully, we are able to begin to transcend into the beings we were meant to be, and finally connect to where we came from. This process is so commonly exercised by many disciplines and beliefs in so many places on earth.

His statements challenge the very core of how I ‘understand’ knowledge, and is beginning to erode the walls of my more modern acquired view. It reemphasizes the path I am choosing to take as I journey within myself.

No matter which part of the world we come from, or belief we have adopted; the truth is we all have a similar anxiety; to gain the knowledge to decode that evasive ‘mystery’ for life. The easy tendency of most of course, is to look for an outside sign, message, symbol, etc; however, the ones that develop the courage and dare to travel deep within themselves, are the ones most likely to succeed.

And this message, my friends, was a most refreshing one to hear once again; this time heard in my Sacred Valley.

May your journey and search continue to be blessed and be showered with the light from within, the one that connect us with one another and with God