About the color palette of humanity

Over the years I have met many people of all walks of life, and as we shared stories, they have taught me to appreciate the color palette of humanity.  We all start with a blank canvas and proceed to dabble with colors, some of us with caution and others with reckless abandon and frenetic energy.  Yet each one of us holds a brush, and our heart guides our strokes with the hope that eventually we’ll give life to a masterpiece.  The closer I listen to my heart, the more creative and confident my strokes become.

Same as every one of us  I too experience distractions of daily life,  yet I willingly continue my pilgrimage  to tap into the palette that colors each individual encounter.  I thank all of you whom I have met thus far and whom I have yet to meet.  I am able to travel this path because of our heart connection.  You nurture my being even in what you may consider the most trivial of encounters.  I would not be me if it were not for you.