While hiking in Southern Oregon’s Cathedral Hill trails this overcast fall afternoon, I crossed paths with a dear acquaintance. We took the time to catch up; a very welcomed space we both enjoyed.

A beautiful young woman with her head shaved, had stopped at her store and shared her struggles with cancer treatment. In the midst of the treatment she came to a realization, and asked her Doctor, “please, just keep me alive until next week” … next appointment arrived and she had the same request … and she’s been living like this for a bit of time … the importance of life in this moment is all that she could manage to live and enjoy … with passion.

Ironically I was photographing fall leaves right before the encounter, and was prompted to research about its changing color when I got home. ” What happens is that a disk of cells grows across the base of the leaf, blocking the source of water. Without water the leaf stops making food. Chlorophyll, which makes the green color in plants, begins breaking down and other beautiful colors that have been hidden in the leaf are now revealed. No new color is formed.”
The image reminded me of the young woman’s story … while depriving her of ‘full’ life, a hidden greater beauty was revealed.

A casual encounter turned into a powerful moment, life lesson and a blessing … I hope that as you read, you are blessed as well … a big hug to all.