Dear family, friends, and children of all ages,

Two and a half years ago, Pelayo and I were sitting outside his home in the Sacred Valley watching children play in the street. We pondered on the idea of creating a children’s project in his neighborhood; a place where children would come to hang out and learn an art form… so the idea was born to build a Children’s Ceramic Studio. We came to the agreement that in exchange for using an area of his property, we would finance the building of the Studio to host such a project.

Last Saturday morning we had the open house of ‘La Escuelita’ ( little school room) for the Ceramic studio, and Karate in the afternoon. The children’s participation was immediate and joyful felt.
Looking at Director Pelayo surrounded by its students happily practicing new and creative skills, laughing at each other’s creations; took me a few years back when the idea was born. Although, there were a few obstacles to overcome; I never lost the dream, the vision that was imbedded in my heart never faded of I was witnessing at this very moment.

Like anything that is accomplished in life, I can not take the credit alone without recognizing the gratitude that I feel for the intentions, financial, prayerful, and loving support received…from my family, friends, acquaintances, and all of you that have contributed and been alongside in this heartfelt journey.