CCOTOHUINCHO – SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS:    As we are accustomed to say, the cherry on top has been to witness the renovation completion and opening of our school room in Ccotohuincho. Last Saturday the 21st of March 2009,  we hosted 90 plus eager, joyous, happy, enlightened children. The room had been transformed from a dirt floor and adobe loose walls, to sparkling finished walls adorned with balloons, colorful puppets hanging from the ceiling, and a new cement floor. The festive environment, our mascot puppet Al Paco Llama, our nurturing teachers and volunteers combined with music, activities, and the locally donated snacks, provided the stage for a most successful event. Adriana, our extraordinary teacher led the children through games, singing, learning, and having fun for 3 hours. Habacuc led the singing with his guitar, and Empe closed the event with a thankful prayer. 
At noon Saturday, we had started with nothing but a clean and empty room; 4 hours later, we had a child friendly and beautiful adorned room packed with children, and I mean packed, in an area of 3.40 mts by 5.60 mts. Adriana had taking care of posting the sign announcing the opening just a few days before. What was truly amazing was the almost overwhelming attendance within a short notice. The children had been waiting most impatiently for 3 weeks for their room to open, they were ready, and now we are….

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